About us

Fassoca Gems & Minerals International Limited is a company incorporated in Nigeria with registration number (RC: 427734), and licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria to source, trade in, and export Gemstones. We are a small family owned gemstone retailer company, managed and run by technocrats.

Our operational base is in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. From here we go round most gemstone mines across Nigeria to professionally source high quality gemstones to satisfy the taste of our numerous customers around the globe.

We specialize in colored stones of every persuasion, including Aquamarine, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Spessartite, Garnets, Amethyst, Citrine, Natural Blue Topaz, White Topaz, and a host of others.

Complete customer satisfaction with respect to quality and competitive prices is our primary concern. Each facet rough we offer for sale is professionally sourced, selected and graded to ensure that it is transparent, clean, flawless, bright, and beautiful with good color hue, tone and saturation. The shapes of our roughs are carefully selected to ensure good yield when eventually cut and polished.

Our Lapidary is located within our operation base in Jos, Plateau State of Nigeria.
We specialize in calibrated custom cuts. The cutting and polishing of our stones are done by expert Lapidaries. Each cut stone is given the right symmetry, appropriate ratio of crown to girdle, to Pavilion; with accurate facet meets/sharpness of facet edges, plus good quality of polish.

All the stones we offer for sale are guaranteed to be as described. We assure retailers, wholesalers, Jewelers, Collectors and Hobbyist cutters of gems of the best fascinating qualities, be it facet roughs or cut stones.