White / Natural Blue Topaz

Nigerian White / Natural Blue Topaz

Topaz is primarily a granitic pegmatite specie of hydrothermal origin, but also occurs as a pneumatolytic mineral in cassiterite Veins with quartz, tourmaline, beryl, micas, and wolframite. This is the reason they are so much abundant in Nigeria, particularly in the northern states.

Nigerian Topaz are mined from their secondary sources, hence they are water worn pebbles. Over 90% of Nigerian Topaz occurrences are colorless/silver white. Natural light blue Topaz constitutes just about 3 to 5% of the total occurrences. Nigerian Topaz has specific gravity between 3.49 and 3.57; Hardness is 8 and Refractive index is 1.62. The lustre of Nigerian Topaz is so high that when cut, it is reminiscent of diamond.

Unsawn White topaz (80% + clean) Sawn Topaz rough (100% clean)
Faceted White Topaz Natural Blue Topaz