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Our services

Security Designs

Security Partners Limited have expertise in the design of security systems for buildings, compounds and critical infrastructure sites. The ideal time to avail of this service is prior to the start of a new build when the design consultants can liaise with architects. This affords time to consider not only the physical and electronic systems but also the built environment. The opportunities to consider techniques for crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) can be developed at an early stage.

The concept of design (COD) takes into account the requirements and budget of the client together with the threats identified to the building and assets. The resulting specification and design can then be used by the client to request proposals or tenders on a level basis.

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Access Control
  • Full Intrusion Alarm, Panic and Fire Alarms
  • Alarm remote monitoring system with armed response
  • Barrier Protection (Electric fencing; Boom Gates; Bollards; Gate Automation etc.)
  • Vehicle Tracking etc

Security Consultancy / Deployment of Security Consultancy / Advisors

SPL engages in security consultations for organizations in order to provide adequate and up-to-date advice on developing and implementation an overall corporate security strategy. In particular we assist organizations in reducing the risk to their people, information and physical assets. When the threat to business is particularly acute, SPL is well placed to deploy specialists or expatriates/local security consultants/advisors and coordinators to meet the specific needs/requirement of the organizations’ operations such as marine construction sites or oil installations.

Deployment of Maritime Security Liaison Officers

SPL engages in security consultations for organizations in order to provide adequate and up-to-date advice on developing and implementing an overall corporate security strategy. In particular, we assist organizations in reducing the risks to their people, information and physical assets. SPL is able to deploy Maritime Security Liaison Officers who are retired Naval officers formerly with the Nigerian Navy. Their functions include but not limited to;

  • Maintain and organize a 24-hour watch system on vessel at all times
  • Undertake surveillance functions
  • Point out any vessels that are approaching or within the Monitoring Zone or are approaching or may be likely to enter the 500m Exclusive Zone (EZ) around the Rig
  • Identify any possible incursions both visually (binoculars and / or night vision devices) and, if possible by radar.
  • Send a daily security report transmitted by email or satellite telephone communication to the designated company operations/control room.
On sighting the approach of any unusual vessel or activity, inform the vessel captain and the Sedco immediately.

Meet-And-Greet / Airport Protocol / Security Escorts

We provide meet-and greet / protocol services at the Murtalla Mohammed International Airport from the arrival hall. Whether you are an international business traveler or have staff operating in Nigeria for short or long durations, the safety and security of you and your employees is of paramount importance. On special requests, we could also provide such service from the baggage reclaim area for our clients (within at least 24 hours’ notice – Minimum Guaranteed Deployment Time).

We offer a variety of travel related solutions that are specifically tailored to your personal or company needs, including provision of secure Escorts for clients with passenger vehicle or to accompany client’s own detailed vehicles to various locations within and outside Lagos State.

SPL  provide the following Travel Risk services:
  • Pre-Travel Briefings and Advice
  • Health, Safety and Security Risk Assessments
  • Travel Monitoring and Safety Alerts
  • Travel Policy and Procedure Development
  • 24/7 Security Consultant Support
  • Private Client Travel and Event Planning etc