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Our Hotspot setup will provide your customers and your business with efficiency, ease-of-use, and a reliable connection to what matters most on the internet..

We are able to deploy a Hotspot (WiFi) solutions to cover your premises, Park, Hotel, Restaurant, and campuses. Upon deployment you will be able to successfully provide WiFi Internet access to a large number of users, at distances up to 1 mile. All that is required at your location is High Speed Internet service and we take care of the others.

Hotspot for Hotels
Hotel owners will be able to operate the Hotspot solution as a business that will help them increase revenue so that they can charge users a fee for using the service, or may offer Wireless Internet Access for free as an added service to attract customers to the hotel.

Hotspot for Residential Properties
Housing Estate Managers can include Wireless internet services as one of the facilities provided for residence of the property as one of the advantage.
Everyone, young and old alike, uses the Internet for work, play and everyday communication. Having Internet services in every home has become significant because many users want to be online everywhere around their home. Techvilla Hotspot Solution helps you become a Wireless Internet Service
Provider (WISP), providing internet services for residence of the property you manage.

Convenience: A Wireless Hotspot at your location will eliminate the need for excess cabling for communications and will provide easier ways of Internet access, and File sharing.

If you are unsure about of what will work best for your application, please contact us for details